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Our Solution

Knowledge combined with professional agronomic services

Providing intuitive visualization and analysis​​

​Task planning and assignment with multi-plot management 

Shifts in precision agriculture require responsible and thorough systemic thinking. A cross-vertical approach considering the subsequent uptake requirements and panoramic and environmental impacts will be delivered by the CropA platform.

The CropA platform emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach in providing the right mix of tech, scholarship, and experience to lead the shift in precision agriculture. 


The joint efforts of farmers combined with major IT, adapted to environmental concerns and policy as well as being supported by the most advanced Agri-tech tools provided by Growing-Smart to make it happen.

- CropA emphasizes on the importance of the human factor -

Agriculture uses scientific tools but is not necessarily an accurate science thus needs the experience and wisdom of field agronomists.


CropA offers first and foremost support in field agronomy, monitoring technology specification, ongoing support to the farm team and training. Support the project throughout the year from seeding and planting to harvest and processing.


We choose the best-suited technology package for each operation, according to the crop location and size.

  • Satellite data

  • Multispectral sensing

  • GIS data collecting platform 

  • Climate sensors

  • Root monitoring

  • Soil monitoring

  • Water monitoring

  • Smart irrigation


Growing-Smart is a knowledge-based company with a large team of agronomists and Ag-tech experts, who together have vast scientific and practical experience


Our fields of expertise include the following

  • Irrigation

  • Fertilization 

  • Pest control

  • Farming Practices

  • Production Scale-up

  • Multi plots operations 

  • Agricultural technologies

  • Remote and on-site agronomic support




Growing Smart’s vision of empowering rural communities and providing them with long term and sustainable agro-knowledge, is the base for our comprehensive training program which includes:  

  • Agricultural training for farmers and farmhands.

  • Agricultural production training for farm managers to optimize operations (efficiency, quantity and quality).

  • Technological training: implementing the technology into the farm routine and teaching the work methodology for both manager and field team.

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